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Treatment Facilities/Services Available

Authentic Ayurvedic Treatment Clinic

Vedankur Ayurved Multispeciality clinic is an authentic Ayurvedic treatment centre in operation since 2012. Following various faculties is available
x) Joint And Spine disorders treatment faculty
xi) Abdominal disorders treatment faculty
xii) Children disorders treatment faculty
xiii) Skin and Hair disorders faculty
xiv) Female disorders and Infertility treatment centre
xv) Panchakarma therapy Centre
xvi) Nadiparikshan Centre
xvii) Chronic diseases (Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroidism) treatment Centre
Every faculty is run in the supervision of expert Ayurvedic M.D. doctor. Separate Ayurvedic M.D. female doctor is available for the treatment of lady patients.

Aim: To give complete authentic ayurvedic treatment with clearer, lighter and more insight into how to maintain health using the wisdom of Ayurveda and to provide every single individual a uniquely designed treatment program which is carried out under expert supervision and highly skilled and trained therapist based on the need of the body.

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Panchakarma And Rejuvenation Centre

    Panchakarmas are five therapeutic procedures which helps to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body. These five procedures are carried out in three sequential steps named as Purva Karma, Pradhan Karma and Pashchat Karma (meaning preliminary procedures, primary procedures and follow up procedures).

    Pachan, Snehan and Swedan are enumerated as Purva Karmas. The five evacuation procedures named Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshana are reffered as pradhan karmas. After Pradhan Karmas it is required to restore the physical strength as well as optimum functionality of gastrointestinal tract. So the follow ups of the clients in regards to dietary and behavioral regimen is termed as Pashchat Karma.

    All the above procedures are carried out by highly skilled and trained therapists under the supervision of Specialist doctor.

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Suvarnaprashan Centre

     Suvarnaprashan Sanskar is one of the Various 16 Sanskaras mentioned in Ayurveda for physical and mental growth of children in the age group of
0 to 16 years. It is performed on the auspicious occasion of Pushya Nakshatra every month. Around 100 children voluntarily attend clinic to take the benefit of Suvarnaprashan Sanskar Karyakram every month. On the day of Suvarnaprashan the child is clinically examined thoroughly and his / her health record is maintained. This record is very helpful in maintaining the overall physical health and mental development of the child.

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Yoga and Pranayam Guidance Centre

     Yoga and Pranayam are the ancient scientific methods developed by then Rushi Muni’s to keep themselves physically and mentally healthy. Most of the diseases can be cured / kept in control by properly performing Yoga and Pranayam.

     The patients are scientifically guided to perform the Yoga and Pranayam as per the physical and mental requirement of their body.

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Ayurveda Learning Centre for Students

* Learning centre for under graduate and post graduate Ayurved students, Junior Ayurved doctors under the guidance of specialist Ayurvedic M.D. doctors.

* Free Lectures, Panchakarma training for ayurvedic students.

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